Rating, the first pillar: Rating is the most straightforward of all four pillars. It reflects the actual overall rating your products receive from your customers.

The value of rating is found at the collections page and on the product page. At the collections page, shoppers are comparing your products against those of your competitors. At this stage, the star rating associated with your product lets shoppers know if their peers, your previous customers, enjoyed using your product. Because many online stores allow shoppers to filter by highest rating, it is crucial that your products are well-rated. Even from a glance, shoppers will determine whether your product has been well-received without even having to filter the collection.

At the product page, shoppers refer to your products’ star ratings to remind themselves how well-liked your products are. Many leading retailers have implemented guidelines where they will not accept your product listings if your products haven’t achieved at least a 4-star rating. Amazon famously launched small concept physical storefronts that only carried products with at least 4 stars.

Nailing this pillar is crucial for brands. And, it’s quite simple. Produce high-value products and watch your ratings soar. Your product doesn’t have to be the best. It simply must be the highest value offering. Just like brands look at an influencer’s “followers” as a short-form way to gauge their popularity, retailers look at “ratings” to do the same in respect of your products.

Stay tuned for latest blog posts of our next 3 pillars.