Gathering loads of ratings & reviews on a consistent basis will benefit much more than just sales. Marketing, branding and business goals become easier to attain as you leverage the power of your customers’ own words in your favour.

In February 2019, one of our retail partners was planning its in-store and online Black Friday luggage and travel goods program for Holiday 2020. We had been a trusted and high-performing brand-supplier for this retailer for a number of years, and yet we had never been part of their Black Friday holiday plans.

When we were asked to submit to their buying and management team our best holiday collection, our product and marketing teams met to discuss ideas. Ultimately, we decided to propose one of our best-selling collections in updated colours for the holiday feature.

As part of our submission, we reminded our retail partner that we had spent the last 2 years gathering ratings and reviews that we had syndicated to their online store. Because we had generated so many reviews and we're leveraging the power of Google SEO to capture our ratings & review content, our retailer was ranked very high for searches related to our collection.

With so much shopping taking place online and with so many in-store shoppers comparing prices and researching products that they see on-shelf on their smartphones, retailers understand the importance of brands having rich content, especially consumer-generated content, on their online storefronts. The ROBO phenomenon is real (i.e. research online, buy offline), especially during holiday shopping.

Our ability to show our retail partner that the holiday collections we would launch with them would be immediately supported by large volumes of authentic 4.8-star rated reviews was a key factor in their decision to carry our assortment.

The launch was a massive success as we grew sales in a meaningful way, gained hundreds of thousands of new customers and expanded our brand into holiday features. The net impact on our entire business was huge as we landed a seven-figure program that elevated our business in ways we would not have been able to have we not harnessed the power of ratings & reviews.