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Leverage ratings and reviews to unlock the true growth potential of your business.

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Engage Customers

Earn engagement from your end-customers, who purchase your products from third-party retailers and marketplaces.

Capture Data

Capture customer data with techniques and tools that are tailored to your products, brands and audiences.

Automate technology

Integrate the tools and technologies that make engaging with your customers, gathering their data and generating their ratings & reviews systematic.

Win at retail

Become the best-rated and most-reviewed brand at third-party retailers and capture the opportunities they give to first-class omnichannel brands.

Retailers that trust us

We will showyou how to

Increase sales

Drive more traffic to your product pages and convert that traffic into sales with authentic reviews across all your sales channels.

Build your brands

Become the most sought-after brand in your industry with the highest rated and best reviewed products.

Unlock opportunities

Leverage ratings and reviews into new business opportunities that unlock the true growth potential of your business.

Transform your business

Turn opportunities into strategies that inject real value into your business.

What we do

We help brands become leaders in gathering, syndicating and leveraging ratings & reviews to drive sales, build their brands and grow their business

We're not your typical agency

We don’t just talk the talk. We own and operate leading consumer brands, fulfill large-scale orders every day and syndicate over 250,000 reviews to the world biggest retailers.

Walmart's supplier of the year and the awards that followed

Since dedicating ourselves to gathering, syndicating and leveraging ratings & reviews, we won Walmart’s Supplier of the Year, earned the honor of Great Brand at Consensus Advisors’ 8th annual Great Brand Show and were name on of the 5 Hottest Holiday Brands by NPD Research alongside Fortune 500 consumer brands, just to name a few awards.



Of all the vendors I worked with during my time at Walmart, no one came close to Calego in the way they generated and leveraged ratings & reviews to build our business.

Lakshya Vyas Manager, Product Operations at Door Dash

David and the Calego team have built multi-million dollar brands by harnessing the power of their customers’ own words. No one selling consumer products to retailers understands how to generate ratings and reviews better than Calego.

Richard Yanofsky CEO of WooWee


Shoppers aren’t fooled by ratings & reviews that are inorganic. Resorting to professionally written product reviews or ones that are incentivized cheapens your brand, leaves you vulnerable to competition and is unsustainable.

Elevate yourentire business

Gathering loads of ratings & reviews on a consistent basis will benefit much more than just sales. Marketing, branding and business goals become easier to attain as you leverage the power of your customers’ own words in your favor.

No brand?No Problem.

We’ve applied our formula to our own proprietary brands, as well as licensed and private-label brands and we’ve had success each time.

It you don’t own the brand you operate, there are many reasons you should be strengthening your position through ratings & reviews.

Boost your ratings & reviews 100x

There is science to gathering ratings & reviews for products that are sold through retailers and online marketplaces. Our formula took years to develop, refine and refine some more. After implementing it across our portfolio of brands we’ve seen incredible results and you can too.